Artwork & Construction

PURA VIDA Festival 2021

„We want to be of service to the larger whole and to each being in particular. We often ask ourselves, how can I be of service“
– Pura Vida

Summer 2021 I’ve been part of the „Pura Vida“ art and design team. Along my emotional investment of positive Vibes in honesty and strength, I designed and created two big „blessing Hands“ out of bamboo as the gate to the festival area.

Many helping hands of the construction-team supported me in this task.

Incidentally I could improve my skill of encouraging leadership.


This Oilpainting had been a personal major project from June 2020 to June 2021.

While painting I was in a phase of greater personal transition seeking for a better emotional foundation I had at that point.

The plenty shifts and changes in the creation of this painting were a visual expression of actual well-beeing.

At some point I said to myself:

„Now look at you: You’re already there. You already got it. Now embrace it. Peace and Freedom is in your Hand no matter what others say. You are Free.“

I added some last visual details of lighting at the women body and when I had to move out of my flat I decided to give this painting to my flatmate who appriciated it very much.

By this I closed this chapter and opened a new one.