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Hi, I’m the dude from I have studied Animation at the FilmUniversity Babelsberg next to Berlin. With my talents I want to create an enviroment of empowerment, self awareness, inner freedom and an anticonsumeristic mindset for the harmony within yourself and our planet.
We are capable in our self-efficacy to create a better world. Get rid of destructive thoughts and cultivate a culture of psychological and physiological wellbeeing and wisdom.


Greetings and Love,
Tim Niels

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You have a life-giving vision of your own but need someone who likes to collaborate with you to fullfil your vision? Write me an eMail


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You like the idea of the power of truthfull and joyfull relationship, to create places of collaborative work of eco kitchen gardening, art, music, playing and healing spirituality? – Support me with money so I can pay my basic taxes and can invest in needed tools and equipment.

5,00 €

Partners & Cooperations:

important poltical, social and ecological topics

As I want to act out of truth for the bennefit of life, I also take position in political issues.


One of the very important topics right now in my point of view is our behaviour in relation to the political decisions in relation to the so called „corona-pandemic“, but also in general to the freedom of the people.



If you like to contact me, try it here:
or here via mailing me:

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Animator, Musiker, Künstler

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